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Go Mobility – Rent a Bike Budapest, rent electric vehicles

 A You will find all kinds of  innovative, social and fun vehicles to rent at Margitsziget (Margaret Island), Castle Garden (Várkert Bazár). From the modern to the retro bikes category. Explore the Island with their help in an easy and conventional way! Budapest rent a bike? Take your ride with you wherever you need it with flexible shipping times and rates!

Scrooser E-scooter

YES, It's Electric! The SCROOSER is the world's craziest electric scooter. And it's for real.

Tandem Bike

Discover the multiple efficiency of paired pedaling: are you a good match?

Gran Tour Gokart

The newest edition of the famous party quadricycle or family bike: you name it!

Multi Gran Tour Gokart

Trailer for the Gran Tour Gokart party quadricycle: available for 6 people!

Chopper Bike

Real lowrider lifestyle in the unique atmosphere of the island: no playin'.

Cruiser Bike

Bike is the easiest way to travel the island - and move beyond!

Mini Higwheel

Want to see life from a 36" wheel? Then skip the metro, take the retro.

Yike Bike e-bike

Yike Bike is one of the lightest, most compact electric bike in the world.


Electric self-balancing scooter: discover e-mobility!

Kerékpár kölcsönzés Margitsziget

Adventures in the Fairy Garden of Budapest

Ready to try out our bike in the most quiet, traffic-free zone of Budapest? How about innovative, future-friendly vehicles? Maybe a romantic program with that special someone? We offer the largest selection of vehicles and bikes available for rent in Budapest, so we will make sure of this: we’ll get you movin’. But if you are only looking for a claasic “rent a bike Budapest”, you need look no further: we’ve got your back so you can be ready for all that comes.

Open all season time, every day of the week until sunset, from the first day of March until the last day of November. Don’t forget: you can always rent our bikes and tandem bikes to take beyond the island, to explore and have the most convenient, undeniably fastest transportation in downtown Budapest!

Kerékpár bringóhintó gokart kölcsönzés Margitsziget


Phone lines available 10:00-17:00 Monday-Sunday from march-november. In the case of night programs or if 4 or more vehicles are needed, we kindly ask you to book in advance. We have more available of all vehicle types but in busy tmes (weekends, holidays, summer, etc.) it is possible you would have to wait until we will have available bikes for rent or other vehicles for you if you do not have a booking.




here you can find the list of vehicles with the available rental points for the specific ride!

Go Mobility Margitsziget (1138 Bp. Margitszigeti Atlétikai Centrum):

  • Bike
  • Tandem bike
  • Mini Highwheel
  • Chopper
  • Gran Tour Gokart

Go Mobility City (1013 Bp. Várkert rkp 15.):

  • Bike
  • MonsteRoller

City Sightseeing Budapest (1051 Bp. Vörösmarty tér 5.):  

  • Airwheel

City Sightseeing Budapest (1075 Bp. Károly Krt. 21):  

  • MonsteRoller

For the exact addresses please click on our contact page!