Project Description

YES, it’s electric! The Scrooser redefines both urban life and mobility concepts: the driving experience can not be compared to anything you ever tasted before.

Scrooser unites driving experience and innovation. The forst vehicle which is a lot more faster than any other vehicle but a lot more agile than any scooter. German precision & manufactured in Germany: the original Scrooser is the craziest and still the most rational new e-mobility solution.

Stop playing around: let the Game begin. With scrooser the city is your playground.


  • Motor: 800W
  • Speed: 25km/h
  • Battery: lithium-ion 720Wh
  • Range: 50km
  • Weight limit: 150 kg
  • Brakes: disc brake

The Scrooser is considered an electric bicycle in traffic: you do not need a helmet, a licence or an insurance, you are free to use the bike paths and public roads.

Rental price: HUF 6990/hour, HUF 54000/day

Sale price: from EUR 4790