• brake and gear adjustment
  • bearing adjustment
  • wheel truing
  • drivetrain lubrication
  • general check & setting up list of advices for later maintenance
  • brake and gear adjustment
  • bearing adjustment
  • wheel truing
  • drivetrain lubrication
  • general check & setting up list of advices for later maintenance
  • cables & cable house maintenance (cables are taken out of housing, lubricated, the cable ending changed if necessary)
  • general check & setting up list of advices for later maintenance


  • disassembly of suspension forks and cleaning with oil change incl.
  • wheel bearing, headset bearing, BB cleaning, washing, greasing, adjusting
  • all cables & cable housing cleaning, lubrication or replacement (in case of need)
  • gear and brake washing, cleaning and adjustment
  • wheel truing, broken spoke replacement
  • Complete cleaning of frame
  • With the grand repair pack the complete bike is disassembled, the frame washed by hand with bike shampoo. The gears, brakes and chainrings will get a cleaning by a solvent. After complete cleaning will come the careful assembly of the bicycle. Here all the bearings (except sealed bearings) will have a repair, the wheel is trued, cables rapaired etc. Bike will be returned in a completely renewed mechanical and aesthetic condition.

    The grand repair pack can be taken with a suspension fork or without suspension fork option. Sigle speed, coaster brake or child bikes repair pack: 7500.-

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    Az All prices are in HUF, incl. VAT. Prices not included in the list are offered at 4500 HUF/hour cost. Please book ahead to avoid delays and bring bike in clean condition (except grand repair pack). We maintain the right to change prices or conditions without further notice. 

    Wheel and Tires Ár
    Inner tube replacement 1000.-
    Inner tube replacement (more complex systems)
    Tire replacement 1000.-
    Tire replacement (more complex systems)
    Inner Tube or tire replacement for wheels taken out 800.-
    Wheel trueing (per wheel) 1200 – 2400.-
    Wheel truing with tire replacement 2200.-
    Wheel assembly 4600.-
    Wheel disassembly 1000.-
    Bearing adjustment 800 – 1400.-
    Hub general repair (except hub shifter or coaster hub) 2600.-
    Change of closed bearings in hub 1200.-
    Freewheel general repair 2600.-
    Freewheel or cog change 600.-
    Drivetrain and Shifting Ár
    Chain replacement or lenght adjustment  600.-
    Derailleur adjustment 800.-
    Derailleur replacement with adjustment 1400.-
    Derailleur hanger replacement with adjustment 1600.-
    Derailleur cable replacement 1000.-
    Derailleur cable & cable housing replacement 1400.-
    Crankset replacement 1400.-
    Crankset replacement with derailleur and BB adjustment 2000.-
    BB replacement 600.-
    Bottom bracket general repair (taking out, cleaning, replacing, adjusting) 2200.-
    Pedal replacement 400.-
    Pedal general repair 2400.-
    Chain cleaning and replacement 1200.-
    Full drivetrain cleaning and replacement 3000.-
    Front chain tensioner placement 2400.-
    Steering Ár
    Handlebar replacement 1600.-
    Stem replacement 500-1200.-
    Grip replacement 500.-
    Handlebar tape placement 1400.-
    Headset adjustment 500.-
    Headset replacement 1800.-
    Headset general repair 2200.-
    Headset cup placement by pressing (empty frame) 800.-
    Front fork Ár
    Front fork replacement 2400.- -tól
    Simple suspension fork cleaning 4000.-
    Suspension fork cleaning with oil replacement (full disassembly and cleaning, incl. oil) 5500.-
    Suspension fork cleaning with sealings replacement (sealing not included) 6500.-
    Lockout button placement and adjustment 1200.-
    Cutting of steerer (from disassembled fork) 400.-
    A-head nut placement 200.-
    Lower bearing replacement on steerer 400.-
    Brake adjustment or brake pad replacement (v-brake, road brake, cantilever) 800.- tól
    Brake adjustment or brake pad replacement (disc brake) 1100.- tól
    Brake replacement (v-brake, road brake, cantilever) 1000.-
    Brake replacement (disc brake) 1400.-
    Brake lever replacement with adjustment (v-brake, road brake, cantilever) 900.-
    Brake lever replacement with adjustment (disc brake) 1400.-
    Brake cable replacement 1000.-
    Brake cable and cable housing replacement 1400.-
    Hidraulic disc brake bleeding and oil refill 2400.-
    Hidraulic hose fitting and bleeding 4000.-
    Hidraulic hose replacement and bleeding 4500.-
    Hidraulikuc disc brake repairs involving disassembly of brake lever or brake body 4500.-
    Other Repairs, Extras Ár
    Full bike assembly to new frame 9000.-
    New bike initial operational assembly 4000.-
    Saddle replacement 400.-
    Mudguard assembly (non-rod models) 600.-
    Mudguard with rod assembly 1400.-
    Speedometer assembly 800.-
    Rack assembly 1000.-
    Child seat assembly 1200.-
    Kickstand assembly 200.-
    Bike wash by hand incl. detergents 4000.-